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Candy Crush Saga
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Release Date
Apr 12, 2012
Windows PC


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Sumayya Meza

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle video game with a match-three style gameplay for devices for IOS, Android, and Facebook. CCS is a puzzle videogame developed by The game was created, designed and developed by developer Sebastian Knutsson and the creator of download Candy Crush Saga, Tommy Palm. It is currently available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. In software product, players are challenged to collect dots of same color, while avoiding obstacles such as chocolate, licorice, other candy. I have been playing Candy Crush Saga game download for a while now and I still enjoy it. It is a fun and addicting game that is easy for people of all ages to play. It is a puzzle game that is easy to learn, but can be frustrating and challenging at times. Candy Crush Saga is a free puzzle game for mobile and desktop platforms. The goal is to combine different candies of the same color and avoid obstacles to reach target. Software product consists of six modes, where player must beat challenges to progress through game.


Candy Crush Saga has a very bright and colorful graphics. Bright colors make this game very fun enjoyable to play. Different colors candy representing obstacles in the game are a great representation of the game.


Gameplay of Candy Crush Saga free download is very fun and enjoyable. It has a very light and easy gameplay. Gameplay in free Candy Crush Saga game is very addictive and challenging. There are five different modes in the game: Classic, which has nine levels, Choco-lotto, Marathon, Jelly, Candy Order. Gameplay is really simple and easy to understand. You just use the candy pieces to match three or more of the same color to eliminate them so you can advance to next level. Sometimes software product will give you special blocks to help you out. There are also special squares that can give you extra moves, which is really helpful when you are stuck. Players are given a grid of colorful candies with rows and columns. Player must make a row or column of three or more candies of same color to make them disappear. Gameplay is simple and addictive. You have to match three or more candies in a row by swapping them with a different color. There are different types of candies in software product and you have to clear a space in board so you can create a row of three or more candies of a single color. Gameplay is easy to learn and levels are gradually more difficult.


Candy Crush Saga does not have a multiplayer option. In the Candy Crush Saga game, there is a multiplayer option where other players can join in to try to beat your high score. Software product does have a multiplayer mode, which is really fun to play with friends. You can compete against your friends to see who can get to the next level the fastest. Multiplayer is a great feature that I enjoy. Multiplayer in software product is nice. You can compete with friends or other players in the world. In the multiplayer mode, gameplay is the same but you have to compete with another player. In Candy Crush Saga, there is a multiplayer function. Multiplayer function allows people to play against each other from all over world. Multiplayer function is a great way to be competitive against your friends.


Replayability of Candy Crush Saga online free is very high. The Candy Crush Saga game has a high replayability. One can play software product over and over again still find it exciting and exciting. I really enjoy replayability of software product. Replayability is great. You have to play levels in order to get three stars in order to unlock another level. Candy Crush Saga download free is a very addictive game, people will want to continue playing it. Replayability is so high because software product is so fun and addictive.


  • How to use a booster?
    You can buy a booster from the store to assist you.
  • How many levels are there in CCS?
    There are over 500 levels at the moment.
  • What is the purpose of sugar crush?
    The sugar crush is used to help you clear board of candies.
  • How do I stop the timer?
    You can stop the timer by clicking on the stop button.
  • What are the jellyfish?
    Jellyfish are helpful because they destroy any candy they move over.


Candy Crush Saga is a really addictive game that is easy to learn. Colors are bright and game is simple to play. Game is competitive and you will play game for hours. Is a popular puzzle game install Candy Crush Saga based on a matching mechanic. The goal is to clear the many candies in a level by matching candies of the same color. Player can only move candies horizontally or vertically by swapping candies. Player has to match three or more candies to remove them from the board. Player can use power-ups to break the candies, remove candies from board, or clear a row or column. Player has to collect three special candies in a row to complete a level. Candy Crush Saga app download is an addictive game that is available on mobile devices. Software product is available on various platforms, but not on computers. Software product is free, but there are in-app purchases. Software product is easy to learn and graphics are appealing. Game is addictive and software product is stimulating. Software product can be frustrating. There are advertisements on mobile devices.


  • Graphics are appealing is stimulating;
  • Is easy to learn;
  • Is intuitive;
  • Is addictive;
  • Is available on various platforms.


  • Can be frustrating;
  • Is on mobile devices, not on computers;
  • There are advertisements on mobile devices.

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